Already at the age of 4 - 5 it is advisable to have the development of the teeth checked by an orthodontist. Because certain undesirable developments can be stopped well at this age and steered in the right direction. Usually orthodontic treatments begin at the age of 9-10 years - in the second tooth change phase. But misaligned teeth can still be corrected even after the tooth change has been completed.

Beautiful and healthy teeth - into old age. We pursue this goal for our patients. Modern orthodontics gives us many options to treat effectively and gently at the same time. Our therapeutic approach aims to promote natural development without severe interventions - for an individual aesthetic!

Functional orthodontics relies on body's own natural forces and can treat many undesirable developments without great strain. By promoting individual development, we can avoid the removal of permanent teeth in most cases, limit therapies with fixed appliances to a minimum and avoid damage to the tooth substance. The functional orientation also helps to coordinate the chewing function with the jaw joints. This creates the ideal conditions for long-term maintenance of healthy and beautiful teeth. Function-oriented treatment also helps prevent possible jaw joint disorders.