Welcome to our modern orthodontic offices in Düsseldorf, Meerbusch and Mönchengladbach

We are specialists for the latest orthodontic treatment techniques for children, adolescents and adults. Our longtime experience in orthodontics facilitates to correct teeth malpositions of patients of all ages. We utilize state-of-the-art technology combined with customized lingual technique, invisible aligner or esthetic ceramic braces – we can offer you different effective treatment possibilities.

We allow extra time and take an integrated look to be responsive to your individual request. As one of the latest orthodontic practice of this region, we additionally provide computer-aided teeth correction – visible or invisible!

In a personal consultation, we like to inform you comprehensively about your individual treatment options and solutions.

Our Spectrum of Services

Straight and healthy teeth – until seniority. We chase this objective for our patients. Orthodontics at the highest level provides us with many options to treat efficiently and gentle at the same time.


Treatment of children and adolescents

It is recommended to check the development of the dentition at an orthodontist already at the age of 4–5 years. Certain wrong positions of your teeth or jaw can then be slowed down or guided in the right direction. In normal cases, the orthodontic treatment starts at the age of 9-10 years – in the phase of the second dentition change. But also after the dentition change a correction of the teeth position is possible.

Depending on the goal of the treatment and on teeth and jaw malposition, different appliances are used. If the change of teeth is not finished, mostly removable appliances are utilized.


Treatment of adults

A beautiful smile only appears radiant with healthy teeth.
In the focus of the face crooked teeth are difficult to hide, affected persons are aware of that!

For more than 15 years our biggest motivation has been a bright smile of our patients after successful treatment!  With rigorous expertise and longtime experience the practice Dr. Höschel + colleagues apply up-to-date technology with responsibility and treat with awareness of scientific innovations.

Depending on the teeth and jaw malposition and on the goal of the treatment different appliances are used. Your requests and the medical need determine the choice of appliance. Invisible or unremarkable solutions, which can be integrated in your daily routine, are our selection. The duration of therapy as well as the necessary effort needed are based on the severeness of malposition and the choice of appliance. Small corrections are faster to treat than complex cases.

Invisible Therapy Options for Adults

By now, adults form a big section of our patients. A discrete tooth straightening treatment is a priority for us. The modern orthodontics with invisible appliances, lingual technique or transparent ceramic braces offer many possibilities to treat comfortably. With consideration of medical requirements, your desires determine the choice of option.


The Invisalign-method offers a very comfortable therapy of tooth straightening through wearing a series of individually adjusted aligner sets.

These removable plastic aligners are almost invisible in the mouth. Every 2 weeks a new aligner set is inserted and gradually the teeth move to the desired pre-calculated end position.

Transparent, removable and comfortable – Invisalign achieves esthetic and function improvements almost without restrictions to your everyday life. Worldwide already over 3 million people have discovered these advantages for themselves. Nearly 1.000 of them in our offices.


The lingual technique is a modern bracket system in which the fixed braces will be adhered to the inside of the teeth. The teeth will be moved in a similar manner like conventional braces on the outside of the teeth.

Through computer-based brackets positioning to the inside of the teeth, the appliance is invisible from outside. With the innovative concepts of Incognito and WIN – our practice is certified for both techniques – the teeth will be moved with custom-made arch wires into the predefined end position. A flat profile of the braces generates less comfort restrictions in the mouth.

As one of the most modern orthodontic practices in Düsseldorf, we offer computer-based tooth correction - visible and invisible! With the help of 3D models, which we can produce by laser scan on request, you can examine the result yourself at an early stage.

  • more than 20 years of experience
  • Computer-based tooth correction
  • Individual, gentle and comfortable
  • Treatment of children and adults

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